Every lady dreams to own a perfect figure, but it is not achievable by all, even if they strictly pursuit a well-planned workout and diet routine. Therefore majority of them just give up, when they feel tired of waiting to obtain the curvy figure.

They move to other alternatives like breast implants, botox, and hydrogel butt injections to augment their physical beauty. Last decade has seen an increase in the usage of buttinjections but it also needs a minimal invasive surgery procedure that is accompanied with some days of downtime.

Injections include fillers, which augment size in necessary areas like low, middle, and upper butts or thighs. A Hydrogel injection is a mixture of 97.5% water and rest is polyacrymalide.

The whole hydrogel butt injection procedure does not last for more than three hours. The surgeon marks the area to be filled according to the request of the patient and then starts the procedure.


Before the hydrogel injection procedure

Before actually undergoing the procedure, there are certain things, you need to do. Contact a highly certified plastic surgeon with experience in butt augmentation. If it is butt injection you desire then consider the fact that FDA has not approved the procedure the facilities, where it is formulated is not regulated.

The surgeons will discuss your medical history, goals, and capability to undergo the booty enlargement injections. The surgeon will recommend and suggest different alternatives along with the pros and cons of each. You will be shown the before & after pictures of other patients butt augmentation.

Before the procedure, the surgeon will suggest certain lifestyle changes like quit smoking and eat healthy. The day before surgery you will need to take recommended medication.

A small cut is made for the cannula to be inserted. Hydrogen solution is applied through this into muscle tissue, several times. The doctor then massages the specific location, so as to disperse the fillers evenly to get desired shape. A compression bandage is applied on the area, so as to allow the wound to recuperate better.

What to expect after the procedure?

  • Area will appear reddish and swollen for a couple of days, due to heavy massage for spreading the filler under the skin evenly.
  • After application, small seepage of hydrogel can be seen but will subside soon.
  • Obviously, patient may feel some soreness and possibly rise in body temperature.
  • After first treatment, you will see decrease in size, volume, and projection.
  • When the hydrogen gets completely encapsulated, after some sessions, the final outcome will be noticed.
  • Due to rapid butt size increase, expect to see stretch marks.

Remember the final butt shape and size will depend on your skin’s elasticity, for example excess skin elasticity means more hydrogel can be injected easily.

Precautions to take

  • Every time you shower, disinfect and place a gauze compression over the small opening, where hydrogel got injected.
  • Avoid sleeping on your back, sitting on butts for lengthy time, especially in the initial 24 hour of treatment.
  • Avoid too hot or very cold baths
  • Abstain for some days from high impact sports like running and jumping.
  • Avoid exposing swollen butt area to direct sunlight.
  • Massage the area, according to doctor’s recommendation every day.
  • Take your prescribed medications.

Follow the tips and progress towards successful butt enhancement process.

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