Month: May 2016

How North Peoria Addicts Can Maintain a Recovery Mindset

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, served as U.S. Secretary of State, founded the University of Virginia, helped advocate free public education, and helped establish the Library of Congress and revolutionized gardening and agriculture.  Oh, yeah, and he served as President of the United States.  The man knew a few things about achieving your goals.  He said this about attitude...

Why Recovering Addicts in Schaumburg Should Consider a Sugar-Free Diet

For years now we have all known that a very strong and almost intimate correlation that exists between alcohol-dependent individuals and persons and a preference for food substances that have a high sucrose concentration of one degree or another.  This has been common knowledge for decades actually.  Research even goes on to suggest that there may be a biological connection between having a sweet ...

A Simple and Practical Guide To Understand Surrogacy

Surrogacy is still quite a controversial topic, and the laws vary in every country. However, it remains one of the best hopes for couples dealing with pregnancy and infertility concerns. In the simplest terms, surrogacy is about having a surrogate mother to conceive and deliver the baby. Read on to find some of the essential aspects of surrogacy in detail. What’s surrogacy all about? There are man...

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